Leopard Tours and the Community

Our Managing Director's Daughters celebrating Christmas with Christ Hope Orphanage.

Since its inception, in 1985, Leopard Tours has been aware of the need of sharing benefits realized from our tour operations with the Tanzania community. Being a Tanzanian company, “born and raised in Tanzania”, we have the obligation to contribute to the well being of the Tanzania community which we are part of.

Over the years we have tried to quietly support the local community in our own small way, with no intention whatsoever for publicity. Our support was, and still is, directed towards healthcare, education, drinking water and the environment.


Leopard Tours has participated in building a dispensary in Moshi town on the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro about 80 kilometres from Arusha town. This dispensary is available for all in need of medical services, and for those who are completely unable to pay for their medical bills the dispensary is forwarding the bills to Leopard Tours.

This is an arrangement which makes it possible for those disadvantaged to be able to access medical services at the dispensary. Leopard Tours is in the mailing of most charity organisations and hospitals within the country, as we are involved in supporting individuals who seek and need medical attention both overseas and locally but are unable to pay for it. We have helped a number of Tanzanians, particularly those with heart ailments, to travel to India for surgery, paying for all their travel and medical expenses.


Leopard Tours is supporting a few orphanages and individual orphans in Tanzania with their educational needs. We have a fund dedicated to this section of the population and to other underprivileged individual boys and girls whom we are paying for their education from primary school through to the university level.


Leopard Tours is dedicated to tree planting within Arusha town and we been awarded a certifi cate of recognition by the Municipality. We are doing this both to beautify the town and as our contribution in keeping the world green.

Leopard Foundation

Building on our past community projects and as a way of commemorating the founding of Leopard Tours in 1985, we have gone a step further and launched Leopard Tours Foundation in July 2015 to help us coordinate our philanthropic commitments. This is an independent organisation run by a Board of Trustees.

Leopard Foundation has since overseen several projects in different parts of Tanzania. Among the projects which have been completed are the boreholes in Malindi, Kilwa and Kigoma for drinking water, and donation of desks for primary schools. The foundation is currently renovating the laboratory for HIV tests at the regional Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha.