Signature by Leopard Tours is a product born of experience in operating memorable safari tours in Tanzania since 1985. Continual quest for excellence provided the direction and inspiration for designing the Signature by Leopard Tours car, a product a level higher than the classic safari vehicle. The focus was to offer a superior ride quality with a choice of amenities on board the 4×4 safari vehicle for your passengers.

The project is not totally new to many of us as it has been on the drawing board since 2013, and our marketing team has been out there selling the concept whenever they had the chance to.

Today we are happy to propose the finished Signature car to you and your clients complete with features listed below:

  • Special suspension system to counteract the uneven safari tracks and terrain in the game parks and maximize comfort when driving.
  • The extended body to create a comfortable seating space for 4 passengers
  • Recliner seats x 4 with lots of legroom and aisle space
  • Wide sliding windows for viewing / sightseeing and photography
  • Picnic canvas shade
  • A wide wind screen for guests in the passenger cabin to conveniently view the sights in front.
  • A pop-up roof for 360 degrees viewing and photography both in the passenger cabin and for the front seat next to the driver.
  • Air-conditioned cabins for passenger and driver-guide
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Sockets for charging electronic devices
  • Free Wi-Fi on board
  • Binoculars, wildlife books for birds, mammals, plants
  • Car tracking system
  • Radio Call
  • Spacious boot for luggage