Training is an important component in our continued effort to refine our services. Normally conducted during the low season months of March, April and May the contents of the short courses are reviewed from year to year to cover as many areas as possible in the broad tour guiding field. In the last two seasons we employed the services of a lecturer from the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, one of the leading wildlife schools in Africa, to conduct four-week courses running from March to mid June for our driver-guides and tour leaders.

The courses aim to improve tour guides’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies necessary for them to effectively and efficiently guide visitors and interpret attractions and resources to enhance positive visitor experience. To produce a well rounded and complete driver-guide the company also employed the services of the Tanzania National Institute of Transportation to upgrade our driver-guides in driving skills and passenger safety. The objective of the course was to impart knowledge, skills and correct attitudes to enable participants to provide quality passenger services, handle vehicles more efficiently and effectively, and observe safer driving.

The two-week intensive course was conducted in our workshop classrooms, and at the end of the course the driver-guides had to pass a driving test conducted by the Arusha city traffic police before being awarded with new licenses and certificates. National Institute of Transport is the only such training Institute in Sub-Saharan excluding South Africa, mandated by the Government of United Republic of Tanzania to offer training in transport and communications.